Electrifying. Exquisite. Eartha.

art that says something only the way eartha can say it. discover & treasure her world of kittisms in this exclusive collection

Whatever intelligence we obtain, it is meant to be passed on...

Exceptional Framing

A beautiful gold frame made in italy, or its jet black counterpart embellishes the Eartha Kitt “Kittism” art prints.

Official Seal

Unique seal identifying artwork as official and sanctioned in lower right corner, quietly covered by matting if framed.

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Eartha Kitt climbed out of an impoverished and abusive childhood and rose to international stardom against unprecedented odds. Her brilliant mind and ability to consistently see and feel beauty in the natural world guided her spirit for the rest of her life. Never one to rest for a minute, she applied her literary genius to private writings that filled volumes of journals with her insights into the human condition.

Intense, frugal in their length, and leaving an indelible epiphany on all who read them, her “Kittisms” await you here - unabridged, unedited, and presented with a stark visual beauty that is impossible to ignore – exactly like Eartha herself.

1958: Eartha Kitt Stars in "St. Louis Blues"